Dear Mike.

I am please to write this letter to tell you what a pleasure it was working with Sitetec Construction Company on the Timberlake Crossing condominium project.  This project involved the construction of 24 condo's, a swimming pool, and picnic shelters.  Everyone is very pleased with them.   I was especially happy with the project management team on the job.  The synergy between us and Sitetec's management and superintendents was excellent.  we were always informed on the job's progress.  I was very pleased with the fact that I was always welcome on the job site and was invited to attend all the weekly construction meetings.  As an owner, there open door policy was extremely important and greatly appreciated.

This project had great potential for disruption to a hectic schedule, but the Sitetec team did not allow that to happen.  They went to great lengths to insure our safety and our schedule.

Sitetec had a great impact on the face and the future of Timberlake Crossing.  I look forward to many years of satisfaction with our continuing relationship on future projects.

President & Founder
Tilson Creations, Inc.