To the Sitetec Construction Company


I have worked with Michael L. Broome in the renovation and conversion of a 130-unit apartment complex into condominiums.

Canterbury Heights, located in Asheville, NC has 130 units approximately 80,000 total square foot of interior space.  The project was $3.6 million and was started in 2007 and is on-going.  This required extensive demolition and re-construction of the interiors of each of the units to include modernizing HVAC.

Mr. Broome demonstrated a high level of construction, management, and financial knowledge and skills in the acquisition, planning and project management of this project.  These are requisite skills for a successful general contractor.

Based upon this and other business relationship with Michael Broome and his company; Sitetec Construction Company, I recommend that the state of Georgia grant Mr. Broome the license required to conduct general contracting, pursuant to his successful completion of the exam and other application requirements.


Reinhardt Architecture Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina