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Foundation Stabilization                                                 

Foundation stabilization is critical for the structural integrity of a multi-family building. The underpinnings of multi-story buildings must be without flaw. The risk in cost and lives leaves no room for mistakes.

Sitetec has the experience and knowledge to ensure that repairs are done correctly, the first time. We have successfully repaired foundations on 6 story buildings and on townhouse buildings with foundations that exceeded 140 feet and required significant shoring up.

Sitetec has experience in grout injection and post-tension foundation restoration methods, as well as today’s alternative methods like push piers and helical piers. We will help to determine which approach will be the most effective. Every building presents a different challenge and we apply the correct stabilization solution.

Stabilizing the foundation is just the first step.  Our engineers understand the dynamics required to sustain stable foundations.  We go beyond the symptom to determine and resolve the root cause of the problem such as drainage and compaction.  Then our renovation experts can repair the interior and exterior damage to walls, doors and windows.


  Retaining Walls
  Asphalt & Seal
(Helical & Push Piers)

Retaining Walls                                                              

Sitetec takes great pride in the retaining walls that we build, as the company began long ago with a focus on retaining walls.  While Sitetec has grown considerably since that time, we continue to build outstanding retaining walls, from the simple walls that help promote curb appeal to massive retaining walls that carry the weight of multi-story buildings.

The success of a retaining wall depends on proper design, materials and build.  Drainage must be accounted for, as water can undermine any retaining wall, regardless of how well it has been built.  We have constructed retaining walls of poured concrete, modular block, 6x6 pt timbers and railroad timbers (cross ties), and every combination of the above.  Our extensive experience in designing and constructing retaining walls is far superior to any contractor.

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