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The most important thing to remember is the fact that our worksite is the residence of others.  We must respect that fact at all times.

  • Each sub-contractor is responsible for keeping their area clean.  This should be an ongoing process, clean as you go.  Keep passageways and walkways clear at all times.  Clean at lunch and clean better at the end of the day.

  • Magnets should be rolled over work site areas on regular basis to remove all nails.

  • No music - no radios.

  • Each employee should be wearing a Sitetec T-Shirt.  Absolutely no working without shirts.

  • No horseplay, arguing or fighting.

  • Smoke in designated outdoor areas only.

  • Do no park vehicles close to buildings.  Leave the spaces close to buildings for tenants.

  • Bathrooms are provided for a reason.  Any violation will mean immediate dismissal from the worksite.

  • No whistling or cat calling.  Absolutely no flirting with the tenants or property personnel.

  • Abide by the safety rules within Sitetec's Safety Checklist and all OSHA requirements.

  • All work on site must abide by the designated work time posted.

Download and sign the Construction Rules form.  This should be submitted with your Certificate of Insurance, references and W-9 to be kept on file.


All documents should be sent to:

Sitetec Construction Co.

ATT:  New Vendor Information

6132 Brookshire Blvd., Suite C

Charlotte, NC 28216

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